Changing environmental awareness &
imprinting Sustainable thinking into the DNA


About Us

Our mission is to join the forces on generating bright ideas and give our contribution to solving Global challenges through sustainability prism.

Eco Buddy is a company focusing on Sustainability. By having a systemic approach to whole organizational processes we're covering Sustainability fully starting from awareness building, defining the common understanding and ending with strategic planning and sustainability reporting. Seeing how we help to put sustainability into the core of business operations is the biggest reward for us.

We believe that sustainable thinking needs to be put into our DNA from early on and that's the reason we work also with educational institutions and children by creating the training for teachers on how to work with our educational environmental board game Eco-Buddy.

To Whom and Why


We go jointly with you on your sustainability journey starting from defining where you are and ending with support in integrating sustainability principles and strategy into your operations. We help you to put your Sustainability plan into action.

Governments & NGOs

Are you looking towards meeting UN Sustainability goals and reducing the waste? Eco-Buddy will help you in educating the people and teaching the behaviors which will lead to global waste reduction.


Eco-Buddy perhaps is the best tool to use for talking about the waste and circular economy. We’re giving teachers a recommended plan how to use our environmental game in 16 classes.


Besides fun and strategic thinking, Eco-Buddy gives you also a great topic to bring into family’s discussions.

What Eco-Buddy is all about

Sustainability is the way of thinking, the way of understanding and acting. And this is why it's so important to work on it having systemic approach. Nowadays word "sustainability" is often heard and used but reality shows that rarely companies have aligned understanding what exactly it is, how it relates to me, how I can measure it and what should I do. This is where we come in and guide the process towards integrating sustainability into the organization regardless of the point the company stands on - beginning its journey of sustainable thinking or willing to bring it to the next level where all organization gets transformed.

We work in two main directions:

1. Organizational consulting and Sustainability integration into the organization;
- Creating common understanding about sustainability;
- Sustainability project creation & stakeholder involvement;
- Sustainability monitoring & reporting;
- Strategy & KPI;
- Delivering sustainability message & thinking to internal/external stakeholders.

2. Sustainability education for children:
- Environmental educational board game Eco-Buddy;
- Teacher training and certification - how to use Eco-Buddy in talking about waste and circular economy. We’re giving teachers a recommended plan how to use our environmental game in 16 classes.

Putting sustainable thinking at the core brings the needed awareness and transformations resulting in smarter long-term decisions.

Bringing Eco-Buddy to your country

We’re open to form partnerships with publishers and distributors and will be happy to talk to you about future collaboration. Please contact us by writing to info(at)

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