Changing the environmental awareness and
behaviour towards the waste through the play


About Us

We're changing the environmental awareness and behaviour towards the waste through the play.

Our mission - to join the forces on generating bright ideas and tackle the Climate Change.

Eco-Buddy has been recognized by the biggest green-tech competition in the World, ClimateLaunchpad, where we’ve won in the National Finals and are among the 103 companies in 2017 who will tackle the Climate Change.

To Whom and Why


Eco-Buddy perhaps is the best tool to use for talking about the waste. We’re giving teachers a recommended plan how to use our environmental game in 16 classes.

Governments & NGOs

Are you looking towards meeting UN Sustainability goals and reducing the waste? Eco-Buddy will help you in educating the people and teaching the behaviors which will lead to global waste reduction.


Sustainability starts with the individual’s thinking and you can introduce it through the game. Can you think of a better present for your partners and customers which communicates your care for the environment ?!


Besides fun and strategic thinking, Eco-Buddy gives you also a great topic to bring into family’s discussions.

What Eco-Buddy is all about

- Eco-Buddy is an educational environmental board game and method which is designed to make positive behavioral shifts on subconscious level. It is great tool for teachers and excellent entertainer while having family time. Eco-buddy is designed for 2 age groups (10-15 and 15-…) also allowing them to play together just adjusting one element of the game which is question cards.

- Training for the Teachers. Our product with its supporting materials can be easily integrated into the schools and adapted in the learning process, enabling teachers freely talk about the waste and create discussions in the class. We have developed the guiding materials on using Eco-Buddy in 16 classes thus creating the entire series of learnings dedicated to fostering thinking in areas of sustainability, waste and circular economy.

- Training for the Organizations “Sustainable thinking”. The tailor-made training program is for the organizations helping their employees set their mindset into the Sustainability mode.

We are aimed on combining fun with useful information, so the time spent playing is well spent, adding benefit to players’ lives.

Sustainable environment starts with education – the education in a fun way!

Bringing Eco-Buddy to your country

We’re open to form partnerships with publishers and distributors and will be happy to talk to you about future collaboration. Please contact us by writing to info(at)

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